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Factors Affecting Shopping Frequency

There are a lot of expenses to be budgeted in the house other than food and diapers for the young ones. Part of the expenses that should always be anticipated is the budget for clothing. Nowadays, kids grow up too fast and they move around so much that parents are likely to keep on buying clothes even though they don’t want to.

Here are a few things that most women’s magazine and online blogs would count as factors that would impact the way you allocate a budget for your kids’ clothing.


Your expenses and budgeting is surely affected by the amount of your salary. It is expected for families of higher income that they are the ones who don’t mind allocating more on their clothing. Mothers don’t want to see their kids looking impoverished and neglected so they’d shop for branded clothes. Parents who are able to afford luxurious products can shop at Nickis for a trendy outfit.

For those families that fall under the lower income bracket, they’d likely think twice about Nickis, rather they’d go for cheaper alternatives. They also don’t shop as much as wealthier families do as there are other important things to budget for.

Kids vs. Teenagers

The age of their kids would also have a bearing on how frequent parents would shop for clothes. When they have infants, these parents are likely to shop more frequently as their kids can easily outgrow their old clothes. The same is also expected when their kids start to play outside and be more active. Kids are likely to damage their clothes because they move around too much.

It is when these kids get to their teenage years that parents get to relax a bit. Shopping might not be a necessity at this age. The only thing is, if their kids are so into fashion, they are likely to always ask for new things to wear.

Age of Learning in School

Depending on the type of school you send your kid to, clothing might still impact your budget. There are educational institutions that require a uniform that can only be purchased from the school itself. The price of these uniforms can potentially be higher if it’s just sourced from one location.

Sometimes, because of peer pressure, your kids wouldn’t want to go school wearing the same set of clothing. If this is the case, you either educate your kids about being thrifty or you simply give in to their pleading.

The amount of money every parent spends on clothing is really a personal choice. While it would be nice to see kids dressed up well, it wouldn’t hurt if you teach them the value of being practical at an early age.