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Tips to Help You Keep Fleas and Ticks at Away on Your Dog

There are over a thousand types of fleas that can finds its way on your pets and especially on dogs. Although there are hundred even thousands types of fleas and ticks, it only takes one to make your dog restless. Your dog can benefit from a happy life when you know how to prevent or treat fleas and ticks that may attack it. Below are some of the ways to treat and prevents fleas from becoming a nuisance on your dog.

There are oral medications that can be given to your pet on a monthly basis and are quite effective in controlling both fleas and ticks. The cycles of fleas and ticks can be controlled with the use of oral medication as well as the disruption of any of their cycles. You also do not have to worry about kids coming into contact with the medication as in the case of application of spot on treatments.

Using shampoos that have active ingredients to kill fleas and ticks can also be useful especially during their peak seasons.

Despite the fact that washing your pet with shampoo is labor intensive, it is another great way to control fleas and ticks. The only downside of using shampoo to manage fleas and ticks is that it does not last quite long and you may have to wash your pet severally within the month.

Your dog can also benefit greatly from the use tick dips to control fleas and ticks. The application of tick dips is done with sponges or by pouring it on the back of the pet after diluting it since it is a highly concentrated solution. The tick dips are usually rinsed off from the pet and are not ideal for nursing and pregnant pets.
Ticks and fleas on your pets can also be controlled with the use of tick collars.

Despite the fact that the collar is effective for the head and neck areas, it is a great way to control pests. Do ensure however that the dog is not allergic or uncomfortable with the collar and that it is also not too long for it to chew on it.

You can also use powders to control ticks and fleas on your pets. Consider using powder to treat and prevent fleas and ticks from attacking your animal. Ensure that they are appropriate for the age of the pet and that they control both fleas and ticks. Apply the powder in small quantities since a lot of it can go to the eyes and nose of the pet causing further irritation.

One main benefit of using powder is that it can be used in areas where the pet sleeps.

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