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Can Money Buy You Happiness?

To the question if money can buy people happiness, it would be safe to answer in the affirmative and the negative. No because just having lots of money cannot really make you happy. Some of the loneliest and saddest people in the world have a lot of money. But yes, if you use your money on things that will be useful and helpful to you, to free up your time and make you a better person, then having money can indeed make you happy or buy your happiness.

Below are some ways that having money can actually buy you happiness.

One of the ways that having money can bring happiness is when you use it to hire paid help. This is something that most women would love to have. If you are an employee and homemaker at the same time then you need to work full time, online or otherwise, cook, clean the house, wash clothes, do yard work, and take care of your family. If you can hire help in any of these chores it can surely boost your happiness.

It takes a long time to be able to clean the house thoroughly. There is just too much to attend to when doing house cleaning and if you are not able to finish your chores, then it feels like it is a letdown to your whole family. If you use money to hire cleaning services, no matter how expensive it is, then you are buying yourself happiness since now you can spend more time with your family, read books , write blogs, walk your dog, and pamper yourself. Can you, then, use money to buy you happiness? If you invest money in cleaning services, then you will be happy to be doing other more important things than household chores.

If you want your money to make you happy, then hire other helps that you can use in your home. There is great competition with laundry services today so hiring them will sure be affordable. If being free from laundry chores will bring you happiness, then invest money in outsourcing this task.

You can also hire professional help to clean your windows regularly. If you are someone who is unhappy with dirty windows, then buy your happiness by investing in a window cleaning company. Reading about window cleaning services online can help you find one. Happiness is all about recognizing what is important to you and finding ways to support that.

Aside from hiring household help $investing in yourself can also give you happiness. This can include learning new skills by going to class, spending time relaxing in a spa, learning a musical instrument, and others.